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Raynor Dental Partners with Nieskens & Yoe Family Dentistry

Peterborough, NH – August 24, 2018 – We’re pleased to announce that Nieskens & Yoe Family Dentistry has joined the Raynor Dental family of dental practices. “We’re thrilled to partner with Dr. Nieskens and Dr. Yoe, and the entire Nieskens & Yoe team and we’ll continue to deliver the same quality patient care they have […]

Brush & Floss with Ribby – 2018

Brush & Floss with Ribby

Raynor Dental wants to help your kids develop healthy brushing & flossing habits, so we have once again enlisted the help of Ribby the SwampBat to make it fun. Brush & Floss with Ribby is a preventative oral health care program presented by Raynor Dental and the Keene SwampBats. It is designed to help your […]

Raynor Dental Presents Day of FREE Dental Care

Free Dental Care

Keene & Peterborough, NH | October 10, 2017 | Raynor Dental is excited to announce a Day of FREE Dental Care, taking place on December 1st in both Raynor Dental locations, on Court Street in Keene and at the Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough. “We know there is a large unmet gap between the dental care […]

Are Whitening Toothpastes Really OK To Use? Which Toothpaste is Safest? How Can I Tell?

Toothpaste is a frequent topic of conversation during Raynor Dental preventative care appointments. This makes sense since most of us brush twice a day and we want to know our favorite toothpaste brand is safe, effective, and living up to its promises of whitening, sensitivity reduction, enamel protection, cavity-prevention, etc.  But often what we don’t […]

Raynor Dental Welcomes Dr. Dan!

After an exhaustive hunt, many interviews and the thumbs up from everybody here we are excited to announce that Dr Daniel Zhao will be joining our team! This is perfect timing because Dr Steph will be on maternity leave for the summer. We are looking forward to the three of us practicing together in the early […]

Our Pledge to Raynor Dental Patients

Raynor Dental is a proud member of OPT-In Dental Advantage. Understanding the full extent of what this means for you or your family isn’t necessary. What is important is that you not only receive the highest possible quality dental care but also feel incredibly valued, are treated with the utmost respect, and enveloped in an environment […]

Raynor Dental Is Independently Owned & That Matters Because…?

Raynor Dental is an independently owned dental practice. But why does this matter so much when it comes to patient care or choosing a dentist for your family? Below is an excerpt that sums up the clear difference between dental chains and independently operated practices like Raynor Dental. From a recent Opt-In Dental Advantage post, How […]

Do You Clench or Grind Your Teeth? Have Extra Sensitivity?

Ever wonder what that sometimes sensitive, “notched out” area in your teeth near your gum line is? These notches, called abfractions, may be caused by stress (forces) which flexes the tooth at the gum line. This can cause small fractures which ultimately cause loss of tooth structure. Abfracted lesions are usually free of cavities and are […]