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Professional Teeth Whitening

Up to Eight Shades Brighter in About an Hour

Brighter teeth can lead to significantly improved self-confidence, much the same way that stained teeth can detract from your smile’s appeal. At Raynor Dental, we use the Philips Zoom! teeth whitening system to provide topical teeth whitening treatments. Through our convenient in-office treatments, we deliver brighter smiles for patients of all ages in about an hour.

One of the major benefits of Zoom!® professional whitening is the speed with which our patients are able to see positive results. With this in-office treatment, our dentists utilize a hydrogen peroxide gel to bleach the enamel and dentin of your teeth. This topical treatment is activated with the light of the Philips Zoom!® Advanced Power Lamp, speeding up the rate at which the hydrogen peroxide is broken down and making your teeth up to eight shades lighter within a single visit. During each treatment we also use a sensitivity-reducing fluoride varnish for our patients’ comfort.

Our whitening treatment delivers amazing results, even for patients with deep-set stains, brightening smiles quickly and affordably.

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