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Raynor Dental Implants restore your smile and your confidence.

Our Implant Bundle for Preventiv-Care Dental Plan members saves you more than 20%.

Dental implants can be a great, long-lasting solution for an adult who is missing a tooth or who has a damaged tooth that can’t be restored. If an injury, tooth decay or periodontal disease has led to tooth loss for you, we can help.

Implants 101: What are they?

Simply, a dental implant gives you a replacement tooth root, to anchor replacement teeth that are made to match your own. No more taking teeth in and out. Implants can make you look better, speak better, and feel more self-confident.

Cutting Edge Implant Tech

Here at Raynor Dental, our experienced dentists utilize advanced technology to make the implant process as accurate as possible. Our Dental Cone Beam CT (computed tomography) is a special technology that generates a 3D image of your dental structures, soft tissue, nerve paths, and bone in a single scan. We digitally place the implant then build a guide to safely insert your implant removing all the guesswork.

*Our Implant Bundle—Save over 20%

Placing an implant is a process with many steps, and every mouth is different. Rather than giving you a long, itemized price list for every step, we bundle the entire procedure for a single implant into one lower cost for people without dental insurance who are members of our Preventiv-Care Dental Plan—more than 20% off the regular price. And even if we have to do extra steps, we’re not going to charge you more.

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