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What About Kids?

Children Welcome & Encouraged

If you’re looking for a safe, warm and inviting dental environment that welcomes children of all ages, then please consider scheduling an appointment for them at Raynor Dental. It’s a true pleasure to gently guide younger patients into the dentist chair, gauge their comfort level and slowly, over time, equip them with the tools to lay the proper foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. One thing is certain: children who maintain good oral health routines through the teen years are more likely to make a habit of continued brushing and flossing into adulthood.

Pediatric Dental Services

They may come into Raynor Dental shy, quiet, bouncing, boisterous or reluctantly at first. But no matter their mood when they arrive, the children and adolescent patients coming in for pediatric dental care bring an undeniable spark of light into our office. Please visit our Baby Teeth page for helpful dental care tips – and answers to questions frequently about office visits for our youngest patients. The American Dental Association’s Mouth Healthy Kids website is also a great resource for parents that includes brushing tips, interactive games, videos and downloadable coloring sheets to help kids get excited about dentist visits.

If you have a teenager no one needs to tell you they’re often a Q&A unto themselves. But luckily the American Dental Association has a dental health category specifically for Teens (which discourages piercing lips or any part of the mouth…ouch!). Needless to say, we’re equipped to support, guide and remind your young adult to keep up those healthy habits between office visits.

Raynor Dental’s Kids Cavity-Free Club

Staying free of cavities at any age takes hard work, with regular brushing, flossing, and healthy eating. Being cavity-free is something to take pride in, and Raynor Dental’s Kids Cavity-Free Club shows our young patients that healthy teeth are a big deal with recognition and rewards.

Here’s how it works: Kids 14 and under who are cavity-free at their 6-month exam will get their name on Raynor Dental’s Cavity-Free Club board for all to see AND be entered into regular drawings for a $100 kid-approved shopping spree at a local business. Check with us to learn more and schedule your child’s next 6-month exam.

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