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Keene & Peterborough, NH | October 10, 2017 | Raynor Dental is excited to announce a Day of FREE Dental Care, taking place on December 1st in both Raynor Dental locations, on Court Street in Keene and at the Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough.

“We know there is a large unmet gap between the dental care required and what people with more modest means are able to afford,” said Dr. Jason (Jay) Raynor. “Everyday, people are denied basic dental care because they don’t have affordable insurance options or other means to pay for it and this is one way we can do something about it. By offering a whole Day of FREE Dental Care it really allows us to focus our effort, maximizing what we can contribute back to the community.”

Earlier this year Raynor Dental ran Brush & Floss with Ribby, a program designed to encourage healthy dental home care habits in kids aged 3-10. More than 125 children successfully completed the program by tracking their daily care routine for a two week period. “Following up on the Brush & Floss with Ribby Program for children, we really wanted to do something for the adults in our communities who need help with their dental care. We’re thrilled to be able to do it,” said Dr. Stephanie Raynor. “We hope that the people who really need it will take advantage of the Day of FREE Dental Care to take care of that filling they need but have been avoiding, or the cleaning that is way overdue. We’ll be here to help, without judgment and with the same compassion we have for all our patients.”

FREE Dental Day is for individuals & families without insurance, who have difficulty affording regular dental care. Services, including cleanings, fillings and extractions, will be limited to a single treatment per person. All FREE Dental Care will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Participants do not have to be current patients of Raynor Dental. Valid ID, or other identification required. No prescriptions will be written. No prior registration required.

For more information about participating in the Day of Free Dental Care, please call Raynor Dental at 603-352-0006 or email freedentalcare@raynordental.com

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