Raynor Dental

Dr. Jacqueline Velez cares for patients at Raynor Dental in Peterborough. Dr. Miguel Velez III does the same at our office in Keene. This couple is fulfilling a shared dream they first had when they met as teens in the dental assisting program at Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Dr. Jackie says, “We started dating 10 years ago, and have maintained our relationship even when going to different colleges. We didn’t think we would get to work together after dental school. When I was graduating from dental school and looking for opportunities, I knew I wanted to be close to family back in MA, and Miguel and I had spent time hiking in southern NH. A contact told us about a husband and wife team running a practice in NH, Doctors Jay and Stephanie Raynor. When I interviewed with Raynor, I knew instantly that their dental practice aligned with my interests. For me it was the family-oriented culture, a safe place to practice dentistry, mentorship and the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Any associate would be lucky to be here.” Dr. Miguel says that while scheduling flexibility is a hallmark of Raynor Dental, both he and Dr. Jackie have chosen to work 5 days a week.

As they develop in their careers as dentists, appreciative of the mentoring they’re receiving, the Velezes are mindful of where they came from. Dr. Miguel says, “I look at my own family—like Jackie, we have family roots in Puerto Rico, and we’re the first dentists or doctors in our families. I have cousins who are now A+ students, one who wants to be a doctor, and Jackie and I get used as an example to them. You can see the generational progression, achieving the American Dream through hard work.” Right now, they’re giving their patients in the Monadnock region the best of their abilities as valued members of the Raynor Dental team, participating in outreach such as the Brush & Floss with Ribby program in conjunction with the Keene Swamp Bats baseball team, and Free Dental Days, which will resume when the pandemic has passed.