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Peterborough, NH – September 23, 2023. On Saturday, Raynor Dental, with locations in Keene and Peterborough, celebrated its fourth annual Free Dental Day. This community-driven initiative is dedicated to offering vital dental treatments, including cleanings, fillings, and extractions, to individuals who face financial barriers to accessing necessary dental care.

The community response to Raynor Dental’s Free Dental Day was nothing short of overwhelming. “We’re so incredibly lucky to live in such a strong, supportive community where people genuinely want to take care of their neighbors in need. We are so grateful to all of you who helped spread the word about this amazing event and for making it a complete success!” said Dr. Jay Raynor. “Our commitment to improving oral health in our community extends beyond our daily practice. Free Dental Day is a testament to the generosity and compassion of our community members who come together to support those who need it the most,” continued Dr. Raynor.

Raynor Dental’s 2023 initiative of Free Dental Day extended crucial dental care to 42 patients, encompassing a wide spectrum of services, including 21 extractions, 11 fillings, and 14 cleanings. The combined value of these vital treatments amounted to an estimated $17,011.00.

Raynor Dental extends their heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated dental professionals who volunteered their time and expertise from Spoonwood Dental Partners, Raynor Dental Keene, Raynor Dental Peterborough, Gilford Dental, and even other practices. Your selflessness and commitment to our shared mission of improving oral health are truly commendable. Together, we made a real difference in the lives of our patients, and for that, we are sincerely thankful.

In addition to treatment, patients were provided with at-home care advice to help them improve and maintain their oral health. They were also connected to valuable community resources aimed at assisting them in keeping their smiles healthy for years to come.

Raynor Dental remains committed to making a positive impact on the oral health of the community and will continue to organize events like Free Dental Day to ensure that essential dental care is accessible to all.

About Raynor Dental
Raynor Dental is a trusted dental healthcare provider with locations in Keene and Peterborough, dedicated to improving the oral health of the community. Founded by Dr. Jay Raynor, the practice is committed to delivering top-quality dental care while actively participating in community initiatives like Free Dental Day, ensuring that dental care is accessible to all. For more information, visit www.raynordental.com.