Raynor Dental wants to help your kids develop healthy brushing & flossing habits, so we have once again enlisted the help of Ribby the SwampBat to make it fun.

Brush & Floss with Ribby is a preventative oral health care program presented by Raynor Dental and the Keene SwampBats. It is designed to help your kids develop lifelong brushing & flossing habits. To participate, just go simply download the tracker and work with your kids on brushing & flossing twice a day, every day for two weeks. Once the kids have completed the tracker, simply upload an image of the tracker via a form on the Brush & Floss with Ribby page, along with your contact information and voila, you’re done.

Every child that completes the program will receive a Ribby cinch-sack filled with fun prizes and a family pass to the Raynor Dental SwampBats game on June 23rd. To get started please download the tracker make sure your little ones brush & floss twice a day, every day.

We look forward to seeing you at the game in June.