It’s with mixed emotions that we’re writing to inform you that, after 45 years of service to our community, our dear friend and colleague Jan Walker has decided to retire.

We’re of course very sad to see her go, but it fills us with the utmost joy to see Jan happily move on to the next chapter in her life. See more about that below in Jan’s message to you.

We’re especially proud of what Jan has done for you, our patients, over all the years you’ve been seeing her and relying on her to keep your teeth healthy and clean. We knew this would be a monumental occasion for the practice and it has indeed been all of that and more. Jan has been a rock in the practice and she’ll be sorely missed.

While we can’t currently imagine that anyone will ever fill Jan’s shoes, Whitney Allen has joined the practice and is eager to meet you at your next appointment. She comes to us with Jan’s stamp of approval and we’re sure you will love her as much as we already do.

Ok, but enough of the sad (& also happy) news. The upside to all this is that we get to throw a party for Jan, celebrating her career and everything she accomplished professionally. Please join us for a party in honor of the incredible lady who’s been taking such good care of you for so long. It will take place at 5:00 PM on Thursday, January 18 at Stonewall Farm. We look forward to seeing you, sharing some great stories about Jan and hearing more about her plans for her well-deserved retirement.

Please RSVP for Jan’s party by calling us at 352-0006 during regular business hours.


Drs. Jay & Stephanie Raynor


— A personal message from Jan —

RETIREMENT – yikes! A torn tendon in the middle finger of my right hand doesn’t allow me to work for a couple of months and that has given me time to reflect and consider a change in my life. I feel this is the time to retire in order to add some flexibility and freedom to my life, allowing me to be more available to family and friends – and to myself.

My career began in Keene in 1972 with Dr. Don Metivier and I was so proud to be a part of his gentle, caring, skillful and highly ethical practice. He taught me to listen well with understanding and empathy. After Dr. Metivier retired I wasn’t sure how I could ever work for anyone else, but Drs. Jay and Stephanie Raynor and Dr. Dan Zhao have all proven to have all the same admirable characteristics as Dr. Metivier – and I’m just as proud to have been a part of the Raynor Dental team.

Dental hygiene was such a lucky choice of careers, so fun and so rewarding. I am incredibly sad when I think about the many people I’ve come to know and love, most of whom I’ll probably not see again. They are a huge part of who I am. I’ve been able to give them my dedication and best care and