Raynor Dental is an independently owned dental practice. But why does this matter so much when it comes to patient care or choosing a dentist for your family? Below is an excerpt that sums up the clear difference between dental chains and independently operated practices like Raynor Dental. From a recent Opt-In Dental Advantage post, How to tell if your dentist is independent or part of a chain:

Quantity over quality

Some dental offices and corporate dental chains are known as “high-volume” dental practices that emphasize maximizing profits by seeing large numbers of patients. In these offices, it’s more difficult to get the quality, personal time, and attention you deserve.

It’s often easier for an independent dentist in a traditional dental practice to provide the time and care you genuinely need. The traditional private practice doesn’t need to worry about outside influences from a corporation, or the demands of a “high volume” practice.

Continuity of care

With most private dental practices, you can see the same dentist every time you go. You’ll get to know him or her, and they’ll get to know you and your dental needs. They’ll know if you’re someone who gets especially nervous during procedures, and they’ll be familiar with all the other important aspects of your dental well-being.

If you go to a dental office that’s part of a corporate chain, however, you might see a different dentist each time. The dentist you saw last time may not even be with the chain any longer, since some chain-affiliated offices tend to have higher turnover rates.